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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

A storyteller at heart, Mari is in constant pursuit of ways to visually translate the human experience. She is a nine-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker who specializes in documentary and non-fiction storytelling. Whether it’s putting a human face to the impacts of climate change, mountaineering through the North Cascades, or supporting educational opportunities for women from Afghanistan, Mari tells cinematic stories that have direct social, environmental, and personal impacts.

Mari is passionate about science communication and helping bridge the gap between researchers and the communities they inform. She is particularly impassioned through international collaboration. Mari is a Fulbright fellow, currently researching agroecology in Brazil. She works diligently to create videos that speak to the human condition and elevates science in a relatable manner. She works for the University of Washington where she creates short documentaries and video content supporting research and educational endeavors.

Mari is a member of the Video Consortium; a global nonprofit network that supports, develops, and connects today’s top emerging voices in video journalism and documentary film. She is also a member of the Her Wild Vision Initiative which connects accomplished women and women-identifying conservation photographers and filmmakers working around the world. She continues to actively freelance and travel working with companies, non-profits, and individuals looking to harness the power of a story. Through character-driven content, Mari helps audiences better connect to, understand, and implement brand messaging on a personal level.

Mari is continually seeking new opportunities to work, collaborate, and investigate new tales and territories. Let's explore together! Learn more about Mari by checking out her interview with Voyage Phoenix. 


Climate Space, Milan

National Geographic Short Film Showcase

Exceptional Women's Film Festival Winner Bridging 


Sedona International Film Festival

Rocky Mountain Emmy Winner

Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards


Director - Short Form Content Nominee 

Human Interest Short Form Content Nominee



Director - Non-Live (Post Produced) Winner 

Photographer (Post Produced) Nominee  


Photographer News / Sports Winner

Director - Non-Live (Post Produced) Winner 

Environmental News Nominee  


Photographer News / Sports Winner

Environmental News Nominee  



Human Interest News Single Story Winner

Promotion Program: Single Spot Nominee


Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs Winner


Photographer: News Single Story Winner

Editor: Winner

News: General Assignment Winner 



Exceptional Women’s Film Festival

Winner -Bridging Worlds

MontPhoto Fest 2021 Official Selection


Official Selection National Geographic Short Film Showcase 

Climate Space; Milan, Italy 


Tucson Festival of Books Panelist:

“Books and Movies Designed to Change the World”  

Speaker/Film Screening: 

"How a Changing Climate Affects

Traditional Crops and Culture"


Featured Filmmaker/Case Study Ch. 14,  3rd edition of DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Video  


Sedona International Film Festival

BEA Festival of Media Arts

73 Hour Film Festival: Audience Choice 


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